Fall(ing) in RED

It’s that time of the year again. You feel it in the air, but mostly you see it in the shopping windows in down town Zurich. The seasons are changing and Fall is slowly but surely waiting around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I always liked this time of year…

Together with Fall, a lot of new and exiting launches are coming. One that I am particularly excited about is the new CHANEL Le Rouge No.1 Collectiona beautiful collection that was created in collaboration with the talented make-up artist Lucia Pica.


CHANNEL Le Rouge N°1 Collection

The collection’s colour spectrum consists of earthy, warm brown and brick tones. The dominant red colour, is seem in different variations across the whole collection, addressing different skin-types and eye-colours.

Le Rouge No.1 key products, like the all-mat eye shadow quad – Chanel Joues Contraste (320 Rouge Profond) is Limited Edition as well as the beautiful waterproof eye shadow pen – Stylo Yeux Waterproof (929 Agape). Particularly interesting is also the collection’s nail varnish – Le Vernis (528 Rouge Puissant) that is a see-through jell-like formula with a colour pay off, that is out of this world.

Although the collection is already sold in the US and part of it in Europe, in Switzerland the Le Rouge No.1 will be available to us beginning of September. The collection will be available at JELMOLI, The House of Brands, as of the 28th of August.

So what are we waiting for…let’s fall in love with the CHANEL Le Rouge No.1 and welcome Fall with a red lipstick and a cheeky smile.

 xoxo from Zürich



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