Nikkie Tutorials & Too Faced – The Power of Makeup palette REVIEW

Hello Beautyowls!

Let’s grab a coffee and get down to it. When I first heard about the collaboration between Nikkie Tutorials and TooFaced I was super excited. My imagination went wild… What kind of colour selection would Nikkie choose? How would the packaging look like? How would the products perform?

However, when I first saw the introduction video of Nikkie for The Power of Makeup Palette I must admit … I had a total MEH!!! moment. Somehow the colours didn’t speak to me and I felt that I was not going to reach for these eye shadows, as much. Now, in all fairness, Nikkie is not known for her subtle everyday looks, but again this was for a broader client spectrum and all the tutorials I saw featuring this palette, where so out there, that I was a bit intimidated to go for it, so I quickly decided to skip this one.

Few days later, I saw Jeffree Star’s video and the look he created with this palette. The look  was so beautiful, that I immediately placed an order and I am now the proud owner of this really nice collection. To me some of the shadows are still quite daring, but overall this palette is pretty amazing. There is a true diversity in the colour selection and you can make the looks as subtle (daytime – office looks) or intense (evening party – hard core, type of looks) as you like.


The palette contains 9 new eye shadows, 4 mats and 5 shimmers, (Total Net Wt. 11.7 g / 0.36 Oz.) two Love Flush blushes (Total Net Wt. 4.0 g / 0.14 Oz.), the Chocolate Soleil bronzer (Net Wt. 3 g / 0.11 Oz.) and the Champagne Truffle highlighter (Net. Wt. 3 g / 0.11 Oz.). It’s really a shame they didn’t come up with a new blush and highlighter as well.  The palette also comes with a full size  Sketch Marker  Liquid Art Liner in Deep Black (which, I am not the biggest fan of), their Deluxe Insurance 24-Hour Eye Primer, the Delux glittering Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, as well as, a small guide with some look suggestions from Nikkie. However, the most exciting add-on to me, was the Limited EditionBetter then Sex” mascara in PURPLE. The packaging is OK, the design is really eye-catchy, lightweight and thin but the concept is the same as in the “Vegas Ney” collaboration and there is no mirror included.


The palette launched at Sephora and TooFaced  on the 15th of August and on the 28th of August was the official UK launch at Debenhams. This Limited Edition collection retails for 56$. Now, the price is a bit out there, but  given all the extras which some of them are full sized products, I find the price to be justified.

Putting the nice add-ons aside (which makes this a great gift idea). The eye shadow quality of this palette does not disappoint and is as expected, reaching the quality level TooFaced has accustomed us to. Clearly a result of a long time research and development and not a rushed product. One can see that, in the buttery texture and pigmentation which is really great. The colours are easy to work with, they  blend very nicely and the fall out is very limited. Last but not least, let’s not forget the unmistakably pleasant chocolaty sent that most TooFaced products carry. However, the scent in the palette is mostly coming from the bronzer and the highlighter and not the eye shadows.

On a side note, the eye shadows do contain amounts of Talc so be aware of it in case you have a sensitivity to it. Finally, all products are formulated without Parabens, are Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly, which is an added bonus.

I hope you found this review helpful and I am looking forward to your comments and  thoughts about this collaboration and The Power of Makeup Palette.

Till next time…

xoxo from Zürich,


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    • Thanks that means a lot to me! Your comment is the first ever I’ve received on my blog since I started a week ago. It’s actually a great idea and I will follow your advice and post the look on my Instagram account. Do you have an IG so I can tag you when I post it?


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