Hello Beautyowls!

We all have been there… it’s Monday morning and you are already so tired from the weekend, that you didn’t hear your alarm go off. Either you partied too hard or you were running after the kids trying to dodge one tantrum after the other.

To top it off, you miss your 15 minutes window of opportunity, to sit down and get ready in PEACE and QUITE before the kids wakeup and start requesting their milk, their pacifier, their bunny, their teddy, moms phone, dads phone…etc.

As a result, you end up not having enough time to get ready for your busy workday.

Since this situation happens more than I would like in my life nowadays, I am happy to report back to you and tell you that there is a nice and very convenient solution on the market.

The product I am referring to, is the 5 Minutes INSTANT FACE LOOK Palette by Charlotte Tilbury, which you can find here. This palette didn’t receive a lot of hype and got mixed reviews but I simply believe that this is a beautiful and very convenient product for those of us that don’t have a lot of time in the morning.

Although I had mixed feelings about this palette at the beginning myself, (too natural) it did quickly become my emergency/don’t have time/don’t want to think about it/looking good, palette. Great for the office and for creating everyday soft natural looks, this palette is not for those that want to make a statement with their makeup creations. Unfortunately the palette only comes in one version. It would have been nice to also address some other skin tones and make at least one more version like with the Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette.

The company claims, that you need 5 minutes to create a full face, however, it does take a bit longer than that (at least 10min.), if you want to have everything nicely and evenly blended. The palette is super easy to work with, which makes it perfect for beginners that would like to practice blending, bronzing and highlighting with natural colours and an engraved numbered 1 to 7 steps system on how to apply.

TIP! If you would like to get more intensity out of the eye shadows (which was my initial Whaaaaat…? Whyyyy…? Moment) just apply an eye shadow primer and wet your brush.

This palette contains 1x Eye-Brightener 2g/0.07oz., 1x Eye-Enhancer 2g/0.07oz., 1x Eye-Smoke 2g/0.07oz., 1x Face-Bronzer 6g/0.21oz., 1x Cheek-Swish 2g/0.07oz., 1x Cheek-Pop 2g/0.07oz., 1x Face-Highlighter 6g/0.21oz. and retails for €65 which is a bit up there in price. The pigmentation is quite good and the textures are very velvety. There is a little bit of fall out but nothing too crazy. The formula does contain talk, (something to keep in mind) in case you are sensitive.

The INSTANT FACE LOOK comes with a mirror, in a very sturdy and nice packaging which makes it an excellent traveling companion (just don’t forget to throw a couple of extra eye shadows in your bag, in order to vamp-up your looks in the evening).

That’s it from my side for now. I hope you found this review helpful and I am looking forward to your hear your thoughts and comments about this palette and this review.

Till next time…

xoxo from Zürich,


PS: The palette was also reviewed by TATI and Tarababyz, in case you would like to see some  further reviews.



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