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5 Days 5 Outfits – The Cool Chick

Hello Beautyowls!

I love Fashion, don’t you? Mixing and matching styles colors, trends and fabrics was always something I loved.


I, therefore, decided to put a special series of 5 blog posts together, one for each day of the week for you all. In this series, I am putting together some of my favorite outfits. I hope you will view this as an inspiration, a teaser or reminder of fashion styles and trends we’ve seen this season. So let’s begin!

Monday – The Cool Chick

Let’s ease into the week! Today’s outfit is fun, sexy but comfortable at the same time. A Karo dress paired with an oversized sweatshirt and over knee boots. Small accents of color are added from the accessories which break the cool-toned hues of the selected pieces, that are in line with the season. To finish the look, I selected Kat Von Dee’s Shade and Light eye contour palette and my Alexander Wang bag.

Till tomorrow.

xoxo from Zurich,


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