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Onomie – A Hot New Beauty Brand!

Hello Beautyowls!

A new Skincare Brand is building a strong name in the market and it might be worth checking out.

Onomie is a skincare + beauty brand that was created on the belief that beauty should be simplified, personalized and uncomplicated. This new beauty babe on the block seems to follow a similar path as Glossier and Milk.


Though their current product line is small it does pack a punch and is already crowned with the Allure Best of Beauty Stamp as well as the Best approved Beauty Award, creating a buzz in the beauty community.

The product portfolio contains a Powerful Priming Serum (45$ for 1.0 Fl/oz or 30ml) the A.C.E Illuminating Treatment (34$ for 0.33 Fl/oz or 10ml) and a Bright Concealing Elixir (25$ for 0.33 Fl/oz or 10ml). The line promises a complete regime and pampering for the eyes that are easy to apply and effective.

Apart from promoting the image of powerful women, what I also like about this brand is that it supports the position of intelligently combining natural ingredients with science. You can find more information on this subject on The Onomist Beauty Blog which provides fun and insightful posts around beauty, nature, and well-being as well as detailed descriptions of what the ingredients are in each and every product.

The beauty line is sold individually or as a bundle (for 110$). A subscription-based service is also in place, offering a 3 or 6-month program to choose from. The only downfall is that the brand doesn’t deliver worldwide yet. So for those of us over here in Europe, we patiently have to wait until it’s available (and take it like a good sport)!

Should I have made you curious about this brand, go check it out and leave me a comment below about what your thoughts are? If you have tried this brand already please also leave a comment with your thoughts. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Till next time,

xoxo from Zurich,


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